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Diabetes is often referred as diabetes mellitus by doctors. It describes a group of metabolic disease in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar). It was estimated that 9% of world population, age 18 years and above, have diabetes currently. Insozen Syrup is known for best ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. The unique formulation of Insozen Syrup made up of standardized extracts of Neem, Giloy, Jamun, Gurmar, Ashwagandha which are proven to reduce the blood glucose levels significantly. It also helps improve pancreatic beta cell functioning for insulin secretion.

(For Better Insulin/Diabetic Management.)

Each 10ml Contains

Terminalia(Arjuna): 150 mg
Phyllanthus niruri linn(Bhumyamlki): 250 mg
Andrographis paniculataness(Kalmegh) : 60 mg
Ocimum sanctum(Tulsi): 100 mg
Momordica charantia-linn(Karela): 100 mg
Tinospora cordifolia(Giloy): 100 mg
Pterocarpus marsupium(Vijaysar): 200 mg
Garcinia indica chois(Imly): 50 mg
Enicostemma Littoraleblume(Naiboori): 50 mg
Salacia chinensis linn(Saptarangi): 50 mg